PAPER is formerly GradeSlam. Read about the rebrand here.

It's no secret that students collaborate and learn from each other through messaging apps the same way they do through group discussions in the classroom.

But unlike in the classroom, in group chats students can't raise their hand and ask their teacher for help. So how can we help students learn better (together) when they're not in class?

Introducing group chats, sessions, and direct messages

group tutoring sessions

Students can start a group chat with their classmates and invite a tutor to join the conversation when they have a question.

To start a chat, students click on the Classroom tab and then click the plus sign to start a direct message or group chat. When they want to pull in a tutor, they click the Invite a Tutor button and a tutor joins the conversation.

Updated Essay Review

upload teacher instructions

The more information a tutor has about a student's assignment, the better the quality of the essay review. To better help the tutor understand the student's guidelines, we added a new file upload box where students can easily upload their teacher's instructions along with their essay draft when they submit their essay for review.

Better manage scheduled sessions

manage scheduled sessions

It's easy for students to stay on top of their tutoring schedule. Can’t make an upcoming tutoring session? No problem. Delete it and reschedule the session for another time.

Students can reschedule their session by clicking Edit in the Scheduled Sessions box, clicking the session they want to reschedule, and then selecting a new timeslot.

PAPER is formerly GradeSlam. Read about the rebrand here.


Founded in 2014, Paper is an Educational Support System (ESS) providing students with 24/7 live help & essay review, and teachers with real-time feedback and intervention tools. Paper partners with districts across North America to close the achievement gap and support educational equity.