For the past five months, the GradeSlam team has been working tirelessly (and quietly) in preparation of the upcoming school year, and it’s finally here! No new school year is complete without big announcements, so here is ours...

GradeSlam has become the Netflix of Tutoring. For only $15/month, students can get unlimited instant tutoring online.

The website has been live for several weeks, but only today became accessible to non promo-code holders. GradeSlam has seen lots of traffic since launching and we are gaining attention from all over North America - not to mention the overwhelming positive feedback from our students.

Here are just a few of the other exciting announcements we have for you:

1. Entering FounderFuel: GradeSlam has been hand-picked by Real Ventures to be one of seven startups participating in their accelerator program, FounderFuel. The program officially began September 8 and runs for three months.If you’re interested in following us on our journey through FounderFuel, check out the GradeSlam blog (CEO & Founder, Phil Cutler is chronicling the whole adventure!).

2. Our Administrative Team Continues to Grow: As our customer-base continues to grow, so does our administrative team. GradeSlam has welcomed five new members to the administrative team in the last three weeks. Jason Coveyduck (Community Director), Saad Benryane (Design Director), Frank Lavazelli (Front-End Developer) and Claudio Iaboni (Bookkeeper). With these top-tier additions GradeSlam is even better equipped to win the battle for online tutoring supremacy.

3. New Features: GradeSlam will be rolling out new premium features over the next month in order to make our online tutoring platform truly top-notch. These features include file sharing, & photo sharing. We’re super excited!

That’s all for now. Thank you for your continued support of GradeSlam. We couldn’t do it without you. We have had an amazing (and busy!) summer and we can guarantee it will be an exciting fall!

Don't hesitate to check out the new and innovative GradeSlam and provide us with your thoughts.

PAPER is formerly GradeSlam. Read about the rebrand here.


Founded in 2014, Paper is an Educational Support System (ESS) providing students with 24/7 live help & essay review, and teachers with real-time feedback and intervention tools. Paper partners with districts across North America to close the achievement gap and support educational equity.