Proud to Protect Student Privacy

GradeSlam is excited to announce that it is now an official signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.

Being part of this prestigious community of companies is very important to the Montreal based EdTech company who sees student privacy as an important issue that must be handled with care. “Making sure that everyone feels safe and secure using GradeSlam has always been one of our core values and signing the Student Privacy Pledge is something we are very proud of,” said Jacob Geller, GradeSlam’s Director of Partnerships.

The pledge affirms that GradeSlam will never sell personal information to third parties, use data for targeted advertisements to students, or collect data beyond which is needed for educational purposes.

For full details on GradeSlam's privacy policy, please go to

About: The Student Privacy Pledge

The Student Privacy Pledge is committed to ensuring student privacy online and currently has over 340 innovative companies in their list of signatories. It was created by the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). The pledge aligns with federal law and regulatory guidance regarding the collection and handling of student data.

For more information on the Student Privacy Pledge, visit their website at

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