This last month has been insane. GradeSlam gained even more traction across North America (and even Europe!) in October, which meant a constant stream of meetings, phone calls, emails, and most importantly, new users! We have also been taking full advantage of our new location at Notman House, even hosting our own event there just two weeks ago.

Check out what’s been going on with GradeSlam in the last month:

(September and October updates are also available)

1. 1776 Challenge Cup Local Winner: October 22nd GradeSlam was selected as one of 21 companies to pitch at the only Canadian location for the 1776 Challenge Cup. After all the pitches were said and done, GradeSlam was declared the winner and is now off to New York City to represent Canada at the Eastern North American finals.

2. Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit Dragon’s Den Competition Winner: October 27th was the 6th Annual Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit in Toronto. The event brings together all the movers and shakers in the Canadian EdTech world. GradeSlam was selected to pitch in their dragon’s den style pitch competition in front of hundreds of teachers and admins who then voted for their favorite startup. GradeSlam won with over 70% of the popular vote and is now off to demo in Florida at the Future of Ed-Tech Conference (FETC).

3. MTL Ed-Tech October Meetup: GradeSlam was proud to host the first of many Ed-Tech meetups for the Montreal community. Featuring panel speakers Christina Sollazzo, a certified teacher, and Jean-Pierre Trudeau, the Director of Technology for Selwyn House School in Montreal, the Meetup discussed “Classroom Technology Used by Modern Day Students." Join us November 25th for the November MTL EdTech Meetup.

4. KIPP Philadelphia Partnership: GradeSlam is proud to partner with the KIPP Philadelphia schools and provide all their students unlimited access to homework help 24/7 all the way through the 2015-2016 school year. Along with this, GradeSlam will be providing teachers and admin with a backend tool to monitor student use and engagement - allowing them to better assess areas of weakness within their student population.

5. SiriusXM TechCrunch Radio Pitch-Off: GradeSlam was selected by the TechCrunch team to pitch live on the air October 27th. The broadcast aired all across the SiriusXM network. After much deliberation by the TC planel, GradeSlam lost a tight split decision coming in as the runner-up.

6. TechVibes Feature: GradeSlam was featured in TechVibes, the hottest tech blog in Canada. The article focused on GradeSlam’s unique and visionary platform (dubbed the ‘Netflix of Homework Help’), which allows students to get on-demand, instant help from world-class tutors. Check it out here.

7. FounderFuel Mega Demo Day: You are all cordially invited to attend Mega Demo Day presented by FounderFuel and InnoCite. The event will take place on December 2nd (one month!!!) and all of the FounderFuel teams (including us) will be pitching their businesses. You can order tickets here:

Again, we would like to thank you all for your continued support of GradeSlam. The last month has been an amazing, hectic ride, but we’re loving every minute. Stay tuned until next month. And as always, we want your feedback!

PAPER is formerly GradeSlam. Read about the rebrand here.


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