Montreal, Canada – March 16, 2018 - GradeSlam, one of Canada’s leading education technology startups, today announced a collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University’s top ranked graduate school, the Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy, as part of its international summer internship program. Through this collaboration, students enrolled in the top-ranked Master of Information Systems Management (MISM) program will now have the option of completing summer internships with GradeSlam’s Labs team as a recognized part of their graduate degree.

GradeSlam continues to be successful attracting top data scientists, machine learning engineers, and information system architects from well recognized institutions across North America. The collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University will further establish GradeSlam as an international leader in educational R&D. GradeSlam co-founder and CTO, Roberto Cipriani, spoke about the significance of this partnership, saying: “We are a mission driven company, we understand the importance of attracting the top talent and offering them real world, motivating experience where they can see results. The GradeSlam international internship allows students to apply what they are learning at CMU to the real-world problems that we are tackling every day.”

Ron Delfine, Heinz College Director of Career Services, also commented on the internship partnership with GradeSlam, saying: “Our MISM students are future leaders who use their considerable technological expertise to make data-driven decisions that help individuals and communities around the world. With its emphasis on educating future leaders itself, GradeSlam is a natural fit for our students as they seek internships that meet at the confluence of people, policy, and technology.”

About GradeSlam

GradeSlam provides students with unlimited one-on-one online tutoring for any subject, at any time. At GradeSlam, educators make students better learners by providing contextualized feedback on precisely where the student went wrong in the learning process and guiding them towards a deeper understanding of the problem. As all of the tutoring sessions are recorded and analyzed, GradeSlam equips teachers with a formal record of their student’s learning outside of the classroom, completely the learning feedback loop.

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