PAPER is formerly GradeSlam. Read about the rebrand here.

Introducing monthly activity reports, shareable sessions and more!

Over the past few months I've been visiting GradeSlam schools across the country. I've met with creative teachers, outspoken students, and tech-forward admin. Everyone I spoke with had great ideas about how we can make GradeSlam even better.

We've taken some of these suggestions and added them to the product. Can you spot your own idea below?

For Administrators & Teachers

Monthly activity reports straight to your inbox

Students, teachers and administrators receive a personalized summary of their GradeSlam activity delivered straight to their inbox. The report includes highlights from the past month and differs for every user.

Teachers and students see granular data (ex/ what question was asked most frequently?) while administrators see macro data (ex/ how many total students have used asked a question this month?)

monthly reports

Filtered teacher dashboard

Tired of seeing Algebra sessions when you're an English teacher? We get it. So we've filtered every teacher's dashboard and made it so that teachers only see sessions that are linked to the class they teach.

Now you can share an awesome session with your peers the same way you would share an interesting article. Anonymized links allow you to share a student’s tutoring session with a parent, teacher, or administrator.

Simply open the student’s session and click the Share button. A unique URL is generated that leads to the student’s session. The tutor’s name and the student’s name are hidden to protect their privacy.

share session links

Updated administrator dashboard

Is Sunday night always the most popular homework time? How many essays did my students submit last month? Now administrators can find out by changing the date range of the graphs on the administrator dashboard.

For Students

Schedule a session in advance

Students can book tutoring sessions in advance and receive email reminders when their tutoring sessions begin. To book a session, students click the Schedule a Session button on their dashboard. They click on the topic they need help with and select when they want to book their session for. This way, students can plan study periods ahead of time and use the study reminders to stay on track.

schedule a session

New subject selection flow

It should be simple for students to ask for help, which is why we’ve updated the subject selection flow and made it quicker to enter the online classroom. The big changes are:

  • If a student asks a question that is frequently asked by other students, the student will be automatically matched with a tutor (they will not have to select a subject or topic).
  • If a student selects a class that only has one topic (like Chemistry), the student does not select a topic and goes directly into the online classroom.
  • If a student uploads a photo or PDF of their question, they are more likely to skip the subject selection screen and jump straight into the classroom

Smarter Slammy, sleeker student dashboard

Slammy is our classroom helper who connects tutors and students. This month Slammy learned some new questions and responses. The Student Dashboard also got a makeover, making it sleeker and easier to navigate.

Live essay help

Our tutors noticed that some students find it useful to get help while they’re working on their draft, so we wanted to make it easy for them to get help when they need it. We added a button that connects students with a writing specialist so they can receive live feedback throughout their writing process.

To chat with a writing specialist, students click on the Essay Review tab and then click on Live Writing Help. Students copy and paste small snippets of their writing into the chatbox and ask for feedback. If a student wants a tutor to review a long piece of writing, the student must submit the writing in the Essay Review tool.

PAPER is formerly GradeSlam. Read about the rebrand here.


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